Disputing felony charges in Colorado requires an attorney who is familiar with Colorado's sentencing scheme and is able to represent clients in trial.  While most individuals hope for a favorable plea bargain, many cases still require a trial. 

Nothing threatens a person's freedom more than felony charges.  A felony conviction can include significant prison time followed by mandatory parole.   

A felony conviction will also take away your right to own a firearm.  After conviction for a felony, you can be charged with a brand new felony if you are in possession of a firearm. 


Misdemeanor charges often don't get the attention and scrutiny they deserve.  Convictions for misdemeanors can have wide ranging implications for a person's future.  

More and more employers are conducting background checks with incredible ease and they are able to locate very detailed records.  

When facing misdemeanor charges it's important to have counsel that understands these consequences and will provide effective representation.


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